Tuesday, 24 March 2015


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Many people are living with stressed lovers who find sleep elusive.
When this stress culminates into insomnia and grumpiness, the first solution they seek is in pills.
Pills may well be the solution, especially if prescribed by a qualified doctor, not just bought off the shelf.
But, do you know that sex, well executed, gentle sex, could just be what your partner needs to release the nerves and sleep like a baby with no care in the world?
  1. One of the main benefits of sex is that it helps you sleep. When you engage in sex, you loosen your body which releases a hormone called prolactin. Prolactin keeps you relaxed and induces sleepiness.
  2. Most times, insomnia is caused by anxiety and ease stress. Now, sex also helps ease these two because your body releases the ‘feel-good hormone’ that boosts your brain’s pleasure and reward system. During sex — not just penile sex, your releases this hormone which eases the stress and anxiety.
So, after a bad/busy day at work, your stressed partner can be given the ultimate released his/her body needs with some gentle, well executed sex.
You may be too tired for the regular, physical romp, so opt for a post shower oral session, in the bathroom or in bed.
  1. Soft kisses open doors. Just after your shower, get up close and personal and place some soft kisses on your lover’s sensitive parts, starting with soft kiss from the outer lips to the inner lips. Do that for a while and move on when he/she seems relaxed.
  2. Target the Vagina/Penis.  Trust Wha’anda, the pleasure of tonguing your partner’s penis or vagina is rewarding for both partners.  The tongue is naturally lubricated and flexible, so if you apply it to the equally sensitive genitalia, to create a magical, explosive feeling. Focus more on the tip of the penis and the vagina’s labia. Be explorative.
  3. Let your tongue roam. This is not a move for sex, so be playful. Your focus is to get them stimulated enough to have an orgasm, so let your tongue roam from genital to nipple to lips to navel to neck and back.
  4. Cuddle. After you’ve gotten him or her to explode, do the most intimate thing ever… cuddle. Cuddling makes your partner feel safe and love, taking away whatever is making them anxious.


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