Thursday, 19 March 2015



Scientists used to think that you were born with all the neurons you’d ever have.
Then in 1998, researchers discovered the birth of new neurons in individuals who were near death, turns out your brain, no matter how old or young, can generate new neurons.
One key to brain growth? Diet. What you eat helps generate healthy neurons with bushels of dendrites (nerve receptors), it also keeps nerve endings firing and allows you to maintain brain flexibility.
Below, are spices you can put in our food in order to spice up our mental health.
  1. Turmeric-  The local Yoruba name for turmeric is atale. So, will a little Indian curry help your brain? The chemical curcumin that makes turmeric yellow appears to activate a key antioxidizing enzyme that reduces plaque buildup. It also is an anti-inflammatory that fights some cancers and multiple sclerosis.
  2. Cinnamon. A whiff of cinnamon boosts your brain. Even cinnamon-flavored gum enhances memory, visual-motor speed, recognition, attention, and focus. Cinnamon is a wonder spice: it helps to regulate sugar levels; reduces proliferation of leukemia and lymphoma cancer cells; reduces clotting of blood platelets; acts as a antimicrobial, which means it helps with yeast infections; contains the trace mineral manganese and is a very good source of dietary fiber, iron, and calcium. Try some apples and cinnamon for a snack, especially for your kids before homework.


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