Thursday, 19 March 2015



Lush and long eyelashes are always pretty, ladies love to flaunt long lashes without having to put on extensions, at least not everytime.
It's possible to get long full lashes if they are taken proper care of, that is paying attention to the eyelashes by treating/tending to them in various ways.
These three tricks are natural guaranteed ways to lengthen the lashes:
1. Brush the lashes.
Just like taming the hair on your head and stimulating the scalp in the process, brush lashes everyday.
You can use a brow brush to gently brush the lashes to simulate the hair follices.
2. Coat your lashes with Vaseline.
Coating the lashes with Vaseline moisturizes them, it adds moisture to the lash line which stimulates the hair follicles and helps them grow.
Make Vaseline application a routine at night will eventually reveal fuller, longer lashes which would be noticeable in a few weeks.
3. Use a lipbalm
Before using a mascara or curler, apply lipbalm to the lashes at the base and follow up with the mascara. You can also use lipbalm on the lashes overnight for moisture.


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