Friday 13 March 2015

Mother and daughter


There's an old saying that goes: "Charity begins at home." This is so true, because a child needs to learn a lot from their parents before going out into the world.
What you don't teach your children at home will be taught to them wrongly by the people they meet when they go out.
For mothers, you need to create a bond of love and trust between you and your daughter, such that she will be able to confide in you about everything and anything.
In return, you should be able to give her useful pieces of advice as well. Here are some relationship advice you need to give your daughter:
  1. Respect yourself and your relationship: Respect for yourself and your relationship is very vital. A man will never respect you if you lack self-respect. Know your worth and he will value you as well.
  2. Never lose your individuality: Don't lose yourself while trying to build your relationship. Have your own identity and independence. Depending entirely on your partner to make decisions for you is a sure way of enslaving yourself for as long as that relationship exists.
  3. Breakups happen but you'll survive: Young love is precious, but not every relationship is meant to be. Some are meant to last, and some are not. When a breakup happens, pick up yourself and move on. The experience should make you better, not bitter.
  4. Not all bad boys are keepers: It's funny how good girls are always fascinated and attracted to bad boys. Their boldness and daring lifestyle will make you want to be on their team, just so you can have a taste of the wild life. But bad bod boys seldom make good partners or husbands. Having one as a boyfriend in your teens is fine, but as you grow older, ditch them in favour of level-headed, responsible men who will cherish you and treat you right.


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