Friday 13 March 2015


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Should couples take sex off the table when woman is menstruating?
Many people will quickly say ‘Yes’ to this question — mostly because of he expected mess and bloody business.
But in-house sex expert, Madame Felicia, in this week’s ‘SexVille Tuesday’ said sex during your menstrual period is safe and healthy.
“I can tell you that it is absolutely safe to have sex during your period, provided that you don’t use this time as a free pass to have unprotected sex,” she said.
If you have risen above the cultural and religious-backed reasons to avoid sex during menstruation, this article will teach you how to do it right.
It’s just a number of simple steps:
  1. Pre-empt the odour. Menstrual fluid has an unpleasant odour. Yes. To beat this, control the air in the room. Spraying strong perfume or light scented candles to keep the air fresh.
  2. Be prepared. Many times, there is a release of menstrual fluid during love-making so prepare. Use colour bed sheets, preferably thick blankets that you can wash easily or dispose of.
  3. Don’t try oral. This is not a time to give oral. Don’t even try it.
  4. You need plenty tissue/disposable towels. From time to time, you’ll have to clean off the menstrual discharge. Having the paper towels, disposable towels or tissue close would save you constant bathroom trips.
  5. Sex in the shower is a good idea. You might use this chance to change location of your romp. Take it to the shower and have sex standing. The water washes off the ‘blood’ and keeps you both clean.
  6. Use a condom. This is a time when the condom is your best friend because there is an increased risk of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).
  7. No funky sex position. Don’t try to be too creative during this period. Simple styles like the missionary position will reduce the blood flow.
  8. Stay on the surface. Penetrate too deep may start a never-ending menstrual flow. So just skim the surface and do more of clitoral stimulation than deep-throttling.
  9. Use your hands and mouth on non-genital areas. Now is the time to pay attention to other bloody parts like the breasts, nipples, navel, ears and other places other than the vagina.
It is important that you wash off as soon as you are done because there is nothing good about letting the bloodied-menstrual juice dry up on your bodies.
Keep your sex in tune, every time.


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