Wednesday, 18 March 2015



Ladies are not difficult to satisfy. Only men who lack knowledge find it hard to make their woman happy. Here are tips on what you’re your woman wants.
1. Attention: Ladies crave for attention. They feel cared for when you make out time to hear them out. A woman wants you to leave the television, or whatever you are doing, to listen to her. Guys always focus on her,even if what she is saying may be irritating to you.Take time from your pinging and whatsapp and give her few minutes of attention, and she will run to you always.
2. Appreciation: Everybody wants to be appreciated. So, pay your woman compliments. You will get the best from her, if you always tell her how much you love her. They want to hear it always. They want to know you cannot leave without them. They want to hear that they are the best thing that has ever happened to you. Tell them how well dressed they are. Just say something nice to her three times a day. Make compliments your love dosage.
3. Understanding: This is where guys do not get it right. They wonder why a woman talks about the colour of a car,rather than the brand. Women are emotional beings. They process with their emotions while men are more analytic. Understanding the stand point of your women in any situation,will grow your relationship
4. Fun: Couples should set up a date night once every week, even if they are tired to keep the spark in their relationship. You need time to spend time out with your woman. They love it.
5. Kind Gestures: Hugs, kisses, unexpected telephone calls to say "I love you." Simple things like this will blow her mind.


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