Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Unhappy couple


When your relationship stops being interesting and fun, that's the time stress and worry sets in.
If you're in this phase of your relationship and feel like the whole thing might end soon, have no fear!
With expert advice from relationship coach, Collette Gee, you can now deal with those issues complicating your relationship in these seven steps:
  1. Eliminate words that don't serve: Remove the words that negate or erase what your partner just said, such as the word "but." Instead, use words that are inclusive making your partner feel appreciated and heard.
  2. Turn up the heat in the bedroom: Figure out how to make the sex you have even better. Glance at some how-to sex books. The truth is that sexual connection is the essential reset button for raising the tone of a relationship, in both men and women.
  3. Have more enjoyment: At some time, you will likely wish to dig much deeper to take care of the damaged pieces in your relationship, particularly if they are difficult ones like dependencies, extreme anger, cheating, monetary issues or interaction issues. It's practical to first make use of the suggestions above to repair your relationship connection.
  4. Appreciate the good: Focus simply on the best ways to include more love and gratitude into your relationship. Deduct out negatives like criticism, difference, blame and grievances.
  5. Change your focus not your partner: Since eyes look outside, it can be simple to fall into the trap of concentrating on the things we see, rather than the things we think or feel. We're all perfect in our imperfections. So rather than pointing out the things that trouble you about your partner focus on the positive things you love about your partner. No one has the right to change anyone because change is an inside job. So accept your partner for who he/she by focusing on the positive attributes, rather than the ones that bug you.
  6. Remain in the calm zone: Anger, by contrast, can push your partner away. If your partner becomes angry or upset, all communication will cease. Instead of trying to talk to your partner when either of you is angry, stand up, and redirect your attention to something else. Excuse yourself, go for a walk or go get a drink of water. Do anything to shift attention and change up the energy.
  7. Look to the future: Stop feeding old bitterness and frustrations. Instead, determine exactly what an excellent relationship would resemble and begin acting that way today. Putting your energy on future objectives as a couple will create a better relationship in the present and in the future.
The secret is to understand exactly what a relationship is -- and exactly what makes two people feel connected. Utilize these seven quick tips to enhance the positives in your relationship.


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