Monday 16 March 2015

Sexy lingerie


According to sex experts, creativity is one of the ingredients that keeps things spicy hot in the bedroom.
You may know all the dirty tricks and stuff, but how do you pique your man's interest in sex? One of the subtle ways to do this is by wearing sexy lingeries that will pass the message across to him, nice and clear.
Check out these hot underwear you should be rocking if you want to turn your man on:
  1. The sophisticated look: Does your man go crazy when he sees you dressed up in an elegant, swanky number? Lingerie doesn't always have to be super-revealing (it's all coming off eventually anyway!). Translate his preference for classy eveningwear into the bedroom by wrapping yourself up in a peignoir - a long, silky gown - plus a matching robe. Top it off with some lacy stilettos, and strut your stuff over to the bed like the class act you are.
  2. The girly look: If you've got a playful, bubbly personality, and your partner loves nothing more than to bring out that side of you, then he would probably love to see you in some flirty, girly lingerie. Try on a lace baby doll – which actually does wonders for your body; it's just so flowy and forgiving. And if you wear a super-short baby doll, you can show off those sexy legs of yours - perhaps in a cute pair of peep-toe pumps!
  3. The role-playing look: If you've ever role-played together - and loved every minute of it - then odds are your man would like to see you dressed up in some novelty lingerie. And please, not the kitschy kind. Instead, go for one of the tried-and-true male fantasies, like a DIY schoolgirl look (it's a winner every time). The schoolgirl look is easily accomplished by donning a way-short plaid skirt (this one isn't making it past the principal's office!), a tight white button-down tied off to show your midriff, white cotton knee-highs and a pair of Mary Jane-style heels. You'll enjoy detention more than you ever thought possible.
  4. The sporty look: Does your man like seeing you in his button-down work shirt? Then he may be turned on by the sporty look. Try this on: A pair of cotton or lace boy shorts (bonus points for a kitschy phrase on the back - or his name!) and a white men's tank-top undershirt. Add knee-high athletic socks - you know, the ones with the stripes on top - and a pair of sneakers. Top it off with some pigtails and you’re bound to hit a home run tonight.
  5. The vampy look: If your spouse likes things super-hot in the bedroom, indulge his erotic side by dressing up like the sexpot you are! Your best bet: Pull on a formfitting teddy or a corset-and-G-string combo (lacy or satin, it's up to you), and kick up the seduction factor with - you guessed it - some thigh-high stockings and a pair of garters that he won't be able to resist. Don't skimp on the shoes; this look requires a 4-inch heel at least. Trust us, you won't be walking in them much.


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