Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Jealous ex-lover sleeps at woman's doorstep to chase away potential rivals

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We all know a little jealousy in a relationship is fine, but when that emotion pushes you to do insane things, then there's a serious problem.
You may have heard of people getting beat up for just looking at another man's girl, or lady who got acid thrown in her face because she called her married colleague at home, and so on.
Well, we bet you may or may not have heard of these 5 craziest jealousy stories compiled by Brace yourself!
  1. A jealous ex-lover who sleeps on doorstep to deter rival suitors: A woman in Zimbabwe went to court to complain that her ex-lover was in the habit of sleeping on her doorstep every night to prevent her boyfriends from visiting. Muchechetere also claimed that Costa Gwebe verbally and physically abuses her whenever he comes to her house. She told the court that she ran away from home because Gwebe would physically abuse her over the smallest things. Gwebe denied the allegations saying he caught Muchechetere four times with a boyfriend in their bedroom. He also claimed that his ex-wife would go out for parties with her boyfriends leaving their minor child unattended.
  2. A jealous Saudi husband who divorced his wife after she kissed a horse: Of course, an incriminating photo of someone kissing another person have surely ended many relationships, but one jealous husband took things a little too serious. A Saudi man divorced his wife after discovering a picture of her kissing a horse on social media. The unnamed woman said she had published the photo of her equine smooch at a farm near Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, herself. She added that her divorce has not made her regret kissing the horse, and that she was not upset about splitting from a man who cannot distinguish between humans and animals. She also said she is very proud of the picture as it expresses her love for Arabian horses.
  3. A jealous boyfriend who used a fundraiser to crash girlfriend's spring break vacation: One of the most popular vacation destinations in the United States is Miami, Florida, but for one man, watching his girlfriend go to the city of beautiful scenery and even more beautiful people was too much to handle. According to, a man named Azel Prather Jr. started a fundraiser to raise enough money to travel to Miami to be with his girlfriend so she wouldn't be tempted to cheat on him while on spring break. Prather made his original plea on the website, where he danced a fine line between devoted boyfriend and bonafide stalker. Apparently, a lot of people support Prather's jealous streak. He raised $360 from 29 different donations in just eight days on the website. He later updated his GoFundMe page to let everyone know that and his girlfriend had met up and were enjoying their spring break together. Thanks to all of the contributors, Prather and his girlfriend are making their relationship work – at least until Spring Break 2016.
  4. 'Most jealous' woman in Britain makes her man take a lie detector test every time he leaves the house: A woman who makes her husband take a lie detector test to prove his faithfulness every time he leaves the house has been diagnosed with a rare condition that causes delusional jealousy. Debbi Wood, 42, of Leicester, is so paranoid that her partner Steve Wood, 30, will stray that she also checks his phone, email accounts and bank statements several times a day for evidence of infidelity. Steve, who started dating Debbie in 2011 after they met through a friend, is even banned from watching women on television or looking at pictures of them in magazines (wow!). Doctors have discovered that the woman is suffering from Othello Syndrome, a psychiatric disorder which causes sufferers to believe their partners have been unfaithful – even without evidence.
  5. A man who was forced to choose between his girlfriend and jealous ex-partner after both jump into river to see who he would rescue: One man found himself in a sticky situation when his current girlfriend and his ex both threw themselves into a river, to see which one he loved the most. Confused Wu Hsia, 21, had broken up with long-term girlfriend Jun Tang, 20, after meeting new love 22-year-old Rong Tsao. However, over the following three months, jilted Jun kept hassling him to get back with her. Wu decided to arrange a meeting between the three of them. When they gathered together in Ningbo, in eastern China's Zhejiang province, the situation went from bad to worse. The girls began arguing. The man's ex-girlfriend felt insulted by a comment made by his current girlfriend, so she jumped into the river and called for her former lover to save her. His current babe, fearing that he might indeed jump in to save his ex-lover, then jumped in as well. Both of them began calling for him to rescue them from drowning. Wu settled the matter by jumping in the water to save his current girlfriend, and then taking her to hospital. He called his brother to rescue his ex, who in turn called the fire brigade. They arrived at the scene and helped the heartbroken woman out of the water.


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