Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Couple cuddling

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Every part of your body need to be fully involved during sex if you are really interested in having a mind-blowing session between the sheets.
Not many people know this, but breasts are the most sensual feature that women posses, but sadly enough, they are hardly used to their full potentials during sex.
This is because men are too busy concentrating on other parts to give the boobs the attention they truly deserve. Here are eight ways to spice things up in the bedroom with your 'girls'.
  1. Hide-and-seek: Leave your bra on during girl-on-top sex. In an intense moment, sexily pull down your straps to expose some cleavage. Don't worry, he'll do the rest.
  2. Go icy: Tell your partner to take a few ice cubes in his mouth and then suck them on your breasts. The contrasting temperature of his hot tongue and the cold ice will give send a shiver down your spine. And guess what, the ice won't be the reason for that sensation.
  3. Giddy up: While on the cowgirl position, fondle your breasts sensually. Watching you please yourself is going to be a pleasurable experience for him as well.
  4. Sexy massage: Forget the blow job and hand job, and instead, treat him to a 'breast job'. Massaging his penis with your breast is extremely sensual for both you and him.
  5. Go kinky: Handcuffs and whips? Forget them and go hardcore with nipple clamps. These kinky sex toys are super erotic. They also make your nips super sensitive and even the slightest touch can make it feel intense. So go ahead, unleash the passion!
  6. Honey treat: Drip some honey over your breast all the way down to your navel. Blindfold him and ask him to find the sweet treat using his tongue. This is surely going to lead to an explosive love making session afterwards.
  7. Spice it up: Rub some cinnamon leaf oil on your nipples before getting into action. He will be pleasantly surprised when he discovers it in the middle of the deed. Spicy!
  8. Sweet nothings: Dessert is always a good idea and during sex, it's a mind blowing idea, right? Put a dollop of whipped cream on one of your girls and some chocolate sauce on the other. You don't need to tell your man what to do next


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