Wednesday, 25 March 2015

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In your search for Mr Right, you may actually end up bumping into Mr Wrong and not even know it.
Wouldn't it be sad for you to invest your time and emotion in a relationship with someone only to find that they are no good for you anyways?
To help make your search easier and fruitful, here are seven kinds of men should never consider dating:
  1. Mr Married Man: Before we move on the other guys, this is the very first one you should strike off your list. Though this should probably be a given, it must be firmly reiterated. It doesn't matter if he's legally separated, broken up or any other creative excuse that he gives you - just stay away. No matter how attractive he may be, it's not worth it. You don't want to be the other woman and be part of the problem of someone else's marriage. Remember what goes around comes around.
  2. Mr I'm Always Right: We're all human and therefore, subject to making mistakes. You should be with someone that can admit when they're wrong and someone who can handle and respond well to constructive criticism. You need to be with someone that you can build a future with, and futures cannot be built on resentment and false assertions.
  3. Mr Overly Sensitive: There's nothing wrong with being sensitive when a tough occasion arises, but to always look too deep into a situation or to constantly take things out of context can be a difficult issue to handle. You should date someone that can 'take a jibe' - so to speak.
  4. Mr Vanity: Does he look in the mirror to check his outfit more than a Kardashian would? If so, cut it off now. Dressing in a presentable fashion may be okay, but if he's consumed with himself then there's probably no room for a relationship - other than with himself. You don't want to be with someone who's got a vanity issue because there are much more important things in life to worry about.
  5. Mr Mama's Boy: Every girl wants a family man but not one that lives and breathes by the guidance of his mother. If his mother still dresses him, pays his bills or does his laundry - run away! You are supposed to date a man that can make you feel taken care of and safe - not someone who still needs their hand held.
  6. Mr Control Freak: Being in a relationship with someone that constantly has to be in control is worrisome and will cause you a great deal of anxiety. While you want someone that is capable of making decisions, you don't want to date someone that doesn't even give you the opportunity to suggest or propose an alternative. A relationship should exercise compromise and not one-way control.
  7. Mr Unemployed: Everyone goes through difficult times, however, you don't want to start a relationship by having to take care of another human being. Having steady employment reflects the maturity of an individual and speaks a lot about the character that they possess.


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