Monday 16 March 2015

Sex during your menstrual period is after all, good for you.


Guys stop rushing like a moving train without brakes when you are in the mood. Ask questions. Every woman is different. For the fact that you tried a move with Miss A does not mean it will work with Miss B. Get to know how to pleasure you woman sensually and you will have her running to you for more. It is not all about penetration.So guy,pocket your puppet and let her feel some body browsing moves that will make her ready for the-you know!
1.  Her hair:Scientists have found out that touching a woman’s hair helps her relieve stress.Running your fingers through her hair will send tingles down her spines and make her mushy.
2.  Feet massages:Women always love a good massage. Gently rub their toes, ankles and the side of their feet. You can suck their toes. Though not all of them love it.
3. Earlobes:Gently kissing her earlobes will send sweet sensations through her body.A woman’s earlobes are sensitive. One thing do not jam your tongue in her ears.
4. Belly button: Licking the belly button helps stimulate the vagina for some women.Whichever way, it is an exciting place to start on your way down.
5.  Inner thighs: Women have this mindset that men are all after getting to the vagina, fast.Just use your tongue to kiss and lick her inner thighs, while getting close to her vagina. Do not touch or venture near the vagina. That move will make her beg you for more.
6. Back of the neck: Gentle kisses planted on the back of her neck will do the magic.The nerves there are very sensitive and they react fast to tender stimulation with the tongue.
7. Palms:Trace your fingers around her palms and squeeze lovingly and see her cuddling up to you.
8. Under the knee: Funny enough, women are in agreement when it comes to this area of the body. They say it makes them horny. You can try it.
Try these moves and earn the respect of your woman.


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