Monday, 16 March 2015

Would you resign from your office if your wife earns more money than you do?


This list is a summary of the annoying habits and acts most guys display in the sheets.See the list of mistakes that might irritate your woman and turn her off.
1. Insufficient Foreplay.
2. Being Silent and Emotionless.
3. Assuming She’s Satisfied.
4. Not Lasting Long Enough.
5. Body odour.
6. Bad breath.
7. Forcing her head with your hand during Bj sessions.
8. Forcefully pulling on her nipples.
9. Cleaning your semen with the sheets.
10. Dropping the condom on the floor.
11. Going straight to her vagina immediately.
Guys, the general rule is simply to be courteous and respectful to your woman


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