Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Effects of alcohol

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Alcohol definitely affects the health, in some ways, alcohol  can be good, wine, for instance, has been proven time and again to help your heart.
In the other extreme, though, alcohol can be very, very bad, but you do not have to be an alcoholic to experience the negative health affects of alcohol.
Find out scary ways that alcohol affects your body.
  1. Infertility- We all know that expectant mothers should lay off the bottle, but women that are looking to get pregnant should avoid the stuff, too. Studies have shown that women who have more than two alcoholic drinks per day decrease their fertility by almost 60 percent. Men are not off the hook, either: alcohol can impact male fertility as well.
  2. Immune System- Moderate consumption may boost your immune system, but anything beyond that, and especially when the alcohol use crosses over to abuse, will suppress your body’s ability to fight off disease. Even just one night of heavy drinking can hurt your immune system; hangovers are at least partially the result of an imbalanced immune system.
  3. Cancer- It’s not just liver cancer that heavy drinkers need to worry about. Throat, esophagus, colon and breast cancer have all been linked to alcoholism. It’s possible, but not definitive, that pancreatic cancer is also linked to alcohol consumption.  It probably comes as no surprise that alcohol abuse can lead to cancer, but even moderate use can increase your risk for some cancers, especially breast cancer in women. If you’re drinking moderately, make sure to get enough folic acid in your diet to help lower your risk of developing breast cancer.
  4. Sleep- Excessive drinking seems like a easy recipe to quickly fall asleep. It’s the quality that matters, though, and several dozen studies have linked alcohol to poor sleep. Alcohol use makes it difficult for your body to enter REM sleep, a cycle of sleep that happens about six times during the night. If you don’t get enough REM sleep, you’re likely going to wake up exhausted.
  5. Children’s Habits- Excessive alcohol use does not only impact you, it can also impact your children. Study after study has found that alcoholism, at least in part, is generational, and perhaps even genetic. A little less than half of children of alcoholics grow up to become alcoholics themselves, four times more than the general population. Children of alcoholics are more likely to be depressed, anxious, and have behavioral trouble.
  6. Bad Skin- Your skin needs water to stay healthy, and alcohol dehydrates the body. Water reaches your skin after it reaches the rest of your body’s organs, and excessive alcohol use can lead to dry skin. Vitamin A is also depleted by alcohol, a nutrient that helps your cells renew themselves and turn over, which can make your skin appear even worse.
  7. Hair Loss- Though hair loss is usually the result of genetics or stress, alcohol abuse can also play a role. That’s because the booze reduces the amount of zinc, folic acid and vitamins B and C , and raises the amount of estrogen, in your body. Those factors combine into making your hair shed, more brittle and duller.
  8. Heart Troubles- Alcoholism can have a profound impact on your cardiovascular system. Alcoholics have more heart attacks and higher blood pressure. Occasional heavy drinkers also are at a greater risk of  developing high cholesterol. Wine in moderation, a glass a day, does seem to have a slightly good impact on overall heart health, but drinking too much, especially over a long period of time will lead to an increased risk of  a number of heart-related problems.


  1. Negative Impact of alcohol on human is very dangerous, it leads to death of some people,damages body cell and make one less active. it could be the cause of most problem affecting us, causes obesity , cancer,etc. and the mother of all evil.
    AROWOBUSOYE MOYINOLUWA {2013243090015}

  2. Many Nigerians today has take alcohol for fun despite the fact that it was damage cell of the body.it definite affect the earth , it lead to infertility immune system. Our skin need water to stay healthy and alcohol dehydrate the body, if you don't get enough REM sleep, you are likely going to wake up exhausted

  3. Awolade Sunday Oluwabusayo
    Many Nigerians took alcohol for having fun but not thinking about the negative impact in it. alcohol is for fun but damages many sense organ in the body, it leads to many ailments like cancer etc. Alcohol is not good for our health.