Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Unhappy couple

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A healthy marriage is built on trust and good communication, because these qualities form the basis of a long lasting married life.
While women may share everything with their husband, they tend to unconsciously keep some secrets to themselves.
Here are eight secrets wives should never keep from their husbands:
  1. Helping with house chores: Are you feeling angry and tired that you end up doing all the house chores yourself? Tell him frankly that you would appreciate if he helped you finish a chore or two because it's exhausting to do it by yourself. Let him know that it leaves you very little time for yourself and that you can give him more time in bed if he helps out.
  2. Working late: If you've been missing your spouse because he's away working late, be honest and tell him that instead of holding a grudge against him. Ask if he can take a few assignments off his list on some nights or reschedule things to spend more time with you.
  3. Mother-in-law issues: Your relationship with your mother-in-law or the lack of it could be a sensitive matter. While you don't want to be all chummy with her, neither does your husband expect that; but he does wish the both of you would share a cordial relationship and at least get along. If you don't know the right way to go about it, there's no harm in asking him to help you break the ice. Maybe he can start a conversation when she is around and mention a common interest you share?
  4. Having children: Be very clear on when you want to have kids or whether to have them at all right at the beginning of the marriage. You may not be ready to be a mother as yet, but he may be eager to have a baby. Talk to him and tell him why you want to wait before planning for one. Is it your career, countless responsibilities after a baby comes or is it money issues you want to sort out first? He may just be able to make things easy with you.
  5. Female best friend: Almost every man has a female best friend from whom he probably got advice on women from. Also, a lot of wives tend to get jealous of how comfortable their husbands are with their female bestie. If you have any issues with her, or you think she may be crossing the line by calling him every day and dropping by for a visit without prior notice, tell him how you feel. If he tells you there's nothing to worry about, relax. But if it's really a bother, he may see it himself and make a few rules.
  6. Career sabbatical: A career sabbatical is an important life-changing decision. Although you may need time to put things into perspective and follow your passion, he may not want you to give up the job that helps you pay some bills. Have a talk with your husband and maybe go for freelancing or working from home if you can and see how things work out. But then if a sabbatical is what you really need, you may have to put your foot down.
  7. Sex: Whatever the reason maybe, you should always tell your spouse why you are not in the mood for sex. Whether it his unshaven beard, a pot belly or it may just be the something he does in bed. If you tell him what the matter is, he'll set it right in any way he can.
  8. Family budget: You think you spend too much eating out or that you could save a lot by renting DVDs instead of going to the cinemas every time? Or do you want to get something for the home that would mean cutting down some other expenses temporarily? Just tell your husband. Also, don't go ahead and do it yourself. It will surely create a problem between the two of you. If you like to share an equal partnership, tell him about your plans. He may have better ideas to manage finances and save more.


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