Monday, 23 March 2015

glass of water


Ever been out partying, and then in the middle of drinks, a caring friend hands you a bottle of water?
Well, It has been said that, when you feel yourself getting too high, a swig of water actually helps to alleviate these symptoms.
A CDC survey found that, while 34% of 65,000 men said they’d binged (5+ drinks in a night) in the past month, only 5% of those would be deemed “alcohol dependent.”
This means that a large percentage of our alcohol, beer mostly, actually contains water, besides the main alcohol content itself. Those that drink beer will say they pee a lot while drinking beer. This continuous urinating makes you dehydrated.
Over-drinking can still hurt your gut and also make you fat, so take a swig of water between drinks to help slow you down.
The uses of water can never be over-hyped, but this is just one more reason to drink more water.


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