Thursday, 2 April 2015



Beauty products are like babies; those MAC 'Ruby Woos', 'Riris', 'Lady Dangers', Bobbi Brown shadows, Sam Fine shadows and so on we treat so tender, it gets heartbreaking when they get 'broken' in any way.
And for those times when the products finish and a quick fix is required then beauty hacks are lifesavers, no? Check out five that will definitely help.
1. Fix a broken blush.
A broken blush (imagine a collection!) is a huge turn off apart from wasting away in particles, it would stop being appealing. If you drop your blush (and you haven't gone half way through then, heck fix it), instead of buying a new one, simply mix the broken bits with few drops of salty water and smooth it back out with a table knife!
2. Make your own lipstick.
If you can't have the lipstick of your dreams, make it! If you have eyeshadow in colours you dream of having as lipstick shade, mix the eyeshadow pigments with your favourite balm and you have your own customised lipstick.
3. Fix a dried up mascara
Bring a dried up mascara back to life with a saline solution! Add a few drops of salty water into a dry mascara tube and voila you get your mascara back.
4. Revive your nail lacquer
If your nail polish gets dried or clumpy, pop the bottle into a an of boiling water or a mug of hot water for a few minutes.
5. Get cleaner hair
Sprinkle some baking soda in your shampoo before use, this akes sure your hair stay cleaner for longer as well as halt product build up!


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