Thursday 2 April 2015



Eczema is a skin combination and there are many types of eczema, the most common being atopic eczema or atopic dermatitis.
It can occur on any part of the body, the most common areas being face, hands and legs, knees, neck, back, etc., leading to the skin becoming scaly, itchy and dry.
There are many causes or triggers which are prevalent, due to which there are skin rashes and inflammatory reactions that are observed on large areas of the body, here are six eczema triggers.
  1. Food- Foods are the most common triggers as many people and babies are intolerant to various types of eatables and their components. Allergies of foods and their components is not a new concept for us, as our diet is the only way through which these triggers enter our system and cause turmoil. Some of them could be; citrus fruits (lemons, oranges, grapes, etc.) which include vitamin C, nuts, milk and poultry, soybeans, wheat, seafood, etc. There are many babies who are allergic to these foods but later develop immunity towards them, or vice versa. With these foods to avoid, the results may not always be skin rashes and inflammation on the skin, but there can be other forms of eczema such as dry, scaly peeling skin as well. Thus, before you consume any new foods or feed them to babies, make sure you consult a doctor.
  2. Soaps and Chemicals- Another major class, known to be dyshidrotic eczema triggers are soaps and detergents, toiletries and other chemical products used for cleaning or beauty treatments. These chemicals may contain certain amounts of oils, surfactants or crystals which are intolerant to our skin and thus lead to eczema. The triggers such as; soaps, moisturizers, beauty creams, shower gels, detergents, perfumed skin care products, make up products, etc., are very commonly used. Bathing and washing, maintenance products may also prove harmful for the body. Thus, before you purchase any of these, make sure you don’t suffer from allergies from any of their components. Try to use herbal and homemade products in case you have a doubt about the allergies. Simply test yourself for these chemicals or if you have suffered before, don’t take chances and avoid them.
  3. Temperature Changes- If you are looking for nummular eczema triggers, you could definitely include temperature changes as one of them. There are circular patches of itchy skin in case of nummular eczema, which is very often triggered by various temperature conditions. There could be a number of changes in temperature depending on the climate, such as extreme heat or cold, humidity and dry heat or cold, etc. During eczema causes, there are body changes as well, and during this time, you could either perspire too much or you could get dry itchy skin. When you perspire, you could get heat boils due to damp skin and if this is not taken care of, could lead to eczema. Similarly, in case of extreme cold, your skin becomes dry and tears, which leads to your scratching it and creating inflammation.
  4. Different types of fabric can also trigger eczema.
  5. Stress- When we are stressed, our skin breakouts with acne or eczema and other things like that, so, stress can definitely trigger eczema.
  6. Excessive use of jewellery.
    These are just some of the triggers of eczema, the important thing to remember is to be cautious especially if you have sensitive skin.


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