Friday, 3 April 2015

Deodorant spray


Deodorants are an essential part of our repertoire, but how many of us actually take the pain to check the ingredients used in making these anti-stink formulas?
First you need to know the difference between a deodorant and an antiperspirant, because we tend to mix these two up.
An antiperspirant has chemicals like aluminum to stop sweating altogether. The aluminum salts plug the sweat glands, preventing perspiration.
On the other hand, a deodorant masks and neutralizes odor. But where does the stink come from in the first place?
When the glands in your armpits emit sweat, the liquid interacts with the bacteria in the area to emit unsavory smells.
There are deodorants that are also anti-perspirants, those are the ones you would be needing to avoid.
Natural deodorants use essential oils like tea tree and witch hazel to curb the bacteria.
Some also have other less harmful minerals like zinc ricinoleate and sodium bicarbonate to keep the underarm area dry without stopping sweat altogether.
In addition to getting rid of aluminum, most are also paraben free and safe for sensitive skin.
Considering the differences between these two, it goes without saying that deodorants are far better than anti-pespirants.
Just remember to look out for aluminium when next you are shopping for your toletries. Better yet, go for deodorants with nature based ingredients.


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