Friday 13 March 2015

concealer pencils

Who says you can’t have flawless make up without all the supposed equipment’s? There are so many ways you can make up for the slack especially concerning eyebrow filling.
Yes, there are so many make up tools that play different roles at the same time for an overall effect, but most of these tools play the same role and can be interchanged and used in place of others. When it comes to eye brow filling, I have discovered that there are many tools to choose from that you can never be left out.
Eye brow filler: Originally, this is  meant to make your eyebrows look fuller and well defined, at the same time highlight the edges of the brow. They usually come in little glass pots and are applied with brushes. This can be a bit tricky for those who do not have steady hands and are not  too careful.
Concealer: This was intended for concealing scars, spots and stubbles on the face, giving a smoother finish before the application of powder. This can also be used as brow filler since d idea is using something of a lighter shade to highlight dark sections. This is also tricky because it as to be applied with a brush and a special one at that.
Concealer pencil: this is the easiest to use as far as eyebrow filling is concerned and as far as you know how to draw your eyebrows, using this shouldn’t be a problem. All it entails is drawing just along the edges of the brow and brushing it in with any small sized brush. What’s more? A steady hand is not generally needed. There are also double ended concealers for twice the pleasure and ease.


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