Wednesday, 8 April 2015



Unlike what you may think or believe, unfaithfulness to your spouse is not restricted to adultery alone, but there are other things that can also fall under that term.
There are some subtle indiscretions that may seem harmless to you, but they can actually lead to major emotional entanglements in your marriage. You need to avoid them at all costs.
Here are 10 seemingly harmless ways you are being unfaithful to your husband, according to Beliefnet:
  1. Putting 'good things' before your spouse: This can be a real danger zone, but spending more time involved with your ministry, children or even your parents are all ways that you can be putting your spouse dead last. Change your priorities so that everyone’s needs are getting met.
  2. Flirting: Holding long engaging conversations with those of the opposite sex or developing emotional attachments through flirtatious behaviour draw your heart toward another.
  3. Sharing secrets with someone of the opposite sex: Your spouse should be the person that your heart rests with as a confidant and friend. Transparency is the glue that helps create deep, intimate relationships. You have to ask yourself, is this appropriate and would my spouse approve?
  4. Facebook 'check-ups' on past loves: Checking up on your old relationships is still nurturing a soul-tie. It may seem like a minor indiscretion, but it keeps a door open that should be permanently closed. It’s giving someone heart-access that belongs to the one you said 'I do' to.
  5. Speaking badly of your spouse to others: You should always have each other’s back, especially when the other is not present. In marriage, God sees two individuals becoming one. Speaking ill of your spouse is actually speaking poorly of yourself.
  6. Promoting yourself over your spouse: Don’t let selfish ambition cause you to diminish your spouse in order to make yourself look good. Always have a 'we’re in this together' mentality.
  7. Spending large amounts of time with someone else alone: Spending time with someone else of the opposite sex, strengthens an unhealthy bond and builds intimacy between you and another. If you have to work on long projects alone with someone, invite your spouse to join or include others to avoid temptation or privacy.
  8. Nurturing affectionate thoughts toward someone else: Constantly thinking about someone else. Even though you haven’t acted on it, you are essentially committing the unfaithfulness in your heart. Clean house today and make sure there’s no emotional bond building with someone else.
  9. Not being real about physical attractions: We all know when we’re physically attracted to someone else, but if knowing this you find yourself still trying to create situations to be in this person’s presence…this is unfaithful behavior. Watch out and be aware of who you’re attracted or drawn to and make sure it’s for the right reasons.
  10. Ignoring your spouse’s comfort level when you relate to those of the opposite sex: Loving someone means being in tune enough to know when they’re hurt. If you notice your spouse’s behaviour withdrawing when you’re interacting with someone else, pick up on it. Talk about it and make the necessary changes to keep trust and love alive.


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