Friday 20 February 2015

Fix Resume


(a) The name, contact information, or job title at the company where you’re applying is wrong. Many companies have names that are easy to misspell. Check and triple check that all the contact information is correct.
(b) You made a mistake in your own contact information. Be especially careful about transposing numbers in your address or phone number.
(c) You provided your marital status, health, or religious preference (unless you are applying for a job with a religious organization). It is illegal for companies to ask for this information and you put them in a difficult legal position if you provide it. And don’t include your social security number—that is an invitation to identity theft. The only exception is a federal resume if the directions specifically ask for the social security number.
(d) Your e-mail address is cute ( and the phone number you give is regularly answered by a three-year-old. Companies want to feel they are contacting a professional. You may have to invest in a temporary cell phone to keep your three-year-old from answering when potential employers call, but the temporary investment is worth it.
(e) You never proofread your resume. You must proofread your resume every time you change it, word for word. Minor mistakes in grammar and spelling creep in and send a major negative message: you do not care about quality and pay no attention to detail.


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