Thursday 29 January 2015

style rules to break

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When you were growing up, your mother, grandmother, or even your friends may have given you advice about certain things you should NEVER wear – like stripes and plaids, white after Labor Day, or white stockings and black heels. But is it still a RULE? Or is it just a RUMOR?
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Your skin tone, your body shape or weight, and your own personal image standards determine many things in fashion. What a model would wear on the runway may not necessarily be what a high school teacher, or lawyer would wear. More often than not when we rely on the media to rule our wardrobe, we run the risk of becoming a Fashion Victim.
I found 10 rules the fashion experts say our closets should live by – which ones do you think should still apply and which are just rumors?
  1. Never wear horizontal stripes or large prints
  2. Never mix patterns or prints.
  3. Full figured women should never wear animal prints.
  4. Never wear white shoes or linen after Labor Day.
  5. Never wear stockings darker than your shoes.
  6. Your shoes should match your purse and your belt.
  7. Heels with straps and open toed shoes should only be worn in the summer.
  8. Don’t wear a mini skirt if you’re over 30.
  9. Never wear a white bra with a black shirt.
  10. Never wear white stockings with black heels.
I still hate white shoes – period! I think they should only exist for faithful church goers and the ushers who greet you at the door. But a good pair of white distressed denim with a big beige wooly sweater screams fashion in my mind.


  1. Some of this really sounds awkward but seriously,can't imagine if this are fashion myths or culture.anyway, the best thing is, make on for what looks good on you and makes you really comfortable.

    From the rules above, i just could deduce that the best outfit to wear is what makes us look perfect and confortable.

    the best outfit is when you are comfortable with what you are wearing and you look perfect

  4. your body figure will determine your dressing type, good article.

  5. it is very common now that most people do mix patterns wish is against the rule of fashion. Therefore, never mix patterns or prints. If truly we want to be current in terms of fashion we must take into consideration all these rules. OKANLAWON AYO RASHEED

  6. Many people now a days don’t even imagine the kind of rule they are breaking on daily bases. I do see woman above 30 wearing mini skirt which is contradictory to the rule of fashion. Therefore, Don’t wear a mini skirt if you’re over 30.

  7. One thing we must learn from this article is that we must no wear white stockings with black heels because it will make you look in responsible.