Thursday 29 January 2015


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Life can get the best of us if we let it, but when we take the time self soothe we put ourselves in control. No matter what you may be going through here are some ways that you can take time out for you and lift your spirits even if it is only momentarily. While this year has brought me a lot of positive changes, I have also had my fair share of difficulties. In the past, I have tried writing about how I felt (for some reason this made me feel more angry) and I have tried going to the gym (this also makes me feel more angry and pumped up), to no avail. However, these things actually did make me feel better:

Painting, Sketching, or Doodling

Did you know that drawing is a natural stress reliever? You don’t have to be Picasso, you can even be really terrible at it. It doesn’t matter, it’s all in good fun and it is very relaxing. There are tons of fun wine, dine and paint classes that you can attend. With a little direction, you’d be surprised what you can create and how good it feels. If you don’t feel like attending a class you can easily purchase your own canvas and do your own thing.

Give Yourself a Facial

Pamper yourself with an invigorating facial. You can use something store bought or if you are stuck for cash you can always make your own homemade from common items found in your kitchen.  Go with something tingly and refreshing maybe even something minty.
Here are some homemade recipes here.

Go Get A Massage

To many people, getting a massage may sound like it could be pretty costly, but now a days it’s pretty affordable and worth it. Go get those knots and kinks out of your back. You will feel amazing afterwards.

Get Your Hair Done

Sometimes when we feel like crap, we look like crap too, which doesn’t help the situation. Get something done to your hair, even if it is a really simple cost effective hairstyle. Looking good definitely will perk you up some. If you are lucky to have a friend like Lupita, that knows how to do some hair hit them up!

Watch Something Funny

Eddie Murphy Raw
I myself have a love for drama, suspense and sometimes I can even watch horror movies. The problem with this is, if you are feeling down watching things like this tend to only keep you in or worsen the mood you are in. Watch something that you know is bound to make you laugh. Laughter really has some powerful effects, making light of life’s darkest moments. The last time I was feeling down, I had to watch me some Eddie Murphy Raw, it gets me every time : ).
eddie murphy_raw

Take a Walk and Surround Yourself With Nice Scenery

Go to your local park and take a nice long walk through the woods. The beauty of nature is calming and puts many of us in a state of total admiration. It’s one of the best ways to find peace.

Hang With Your Family and Friends

Don’t make the mistake of having too much alone time. I know when you feel down you don’t want to burden others with how you may feel. Here is the thing: you don’t have to talk about your problems if you don’t want to. Being around positive people that make you laugh does help to get your mind off things and if you want to talk they are there for you.

Cuddle With a Furry Friend

Enough said! Just looking at my companion makes me feel better inside. Layla is so awesome, love her.
Layla the Kitty

Eat Healthy

Put down that bag of chips! Trust me in the end you will regret it. Junk food has a habit of lifting us up and crashing us shortly after. Seriously, when you eat better you WILL feel better. You have more energy and when you have a balanced meal your appetite will be satisfied. So if you do choose to eat out and don’t feel like cooking get something with some nice fresh veggies.

Sing Like No One’s Listening and Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

Doesn’t matter if you suck at either one, it just feels good.

Get You Some (And keep it safe.)

If you don’t have someone there is always yourself, you will know what to do. ; )
Couple hugging with eyes closed


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