Friday 30 January 2015


Turkey is always top of mind for trainer La's fancy clientele, and not the delicious golden bird you eat on Thanksgiving. Nope — women flock to her for help with "turkey wings," a.k.a. pesky arm-jiggle. This set of smart, effective exercises designed by La will help firm triceps and biceps, and burn any fat that's hiding your hard work. For best results, do this circuit twice, three times a week.
Move #1: Curl
What it works: Biceps
Choose a band with handles for the easiest grip. Typically, yellow means light resistance, green is medium, and red is heavy. Stagger feet, right in front of left, with band under front foot; hold a band handle at each side. Bring hands toward shoulders. Return to start for one rep; do 15 reps. Make sure to keep your elbows locked at your sides. Amp it up by placing feet hip-width apart on band to increase intensity.

Move #2: Extension
What it works: Triceps
Place both band handles in left hand at left hip and hold the band's loose end in right hand (wrapping it around hand); pull band until taut. Next, stagger your stance, right foot in front of left. Keeping right hand steady, bend left arm until forearm is parallel to floor. Return to start; do 15 reps. Switch sides; repeat. Keep your chest lifted and your abs engaged. If you're feeling wiped, unwrap the band one time to ease tension.

Move #3: Arm Circle Jack
What it works: Shoulders, and counts as cardio
Stand with feet wider than hip-width apart, arms out to sides at shoulder height. Quickly draw small arm circles in the air as you jump feet in and out jumping jack–style. Keep it up for 30 seconds. Go easy by stepping one foot at a time out to sides, or pick up your pace to boost the calorie burn.


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