Thursday 29 January 2015


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Valentine’s Day is on a Saturday this year! It’s the possibility of a whole day you can spend with your partner! For this reason, it is never too early to start planning!

Whether you plan on keeping it simple, or going all out, make sure you make your reservations early to ensure that you have a trouble-free day.

This year, give your man a special treat and tell him you are going to take him out this year. Get ready for a special night, and wow him with your creativity by taking five old favorites and giving them a little twist.
#1) Vacation or Staycation

I cannot stress this enough, Valentine’s Day is on a Saturday this year! If this isn’t your first Valentine’s Day with your partner, up the stakes this year by heading out for a romantic weekend. It doesn’t have to be far.

Try an overnight downtown in your nearest city. Watch the snow fall from your hotel window, and enjoy a romantic time together!

If money is an issue this year, don’t worry; it is for a lot of people. A staycation can be just as romantic as a getaway. Plan on shutting down your phones, go out and buy some inexpensive travel-sized toiletries and set up your master bedroom in the same style as a hotel.

Give him the sense that the two of you are out on the town, and make sure no one interrupts.

#2) Dinner for Two

Have you been wondering about that new restaurant in town? You may still have time to make those reservations now. Right now. As in, stop reading this and get on the phone.

Excellent! Now that your reservations are made, you can plan your lovely evening together. Take your man out for dinner. Decide on the most delicious desert and ask for two spoons.

Again, if money is an issue, pull out all the stops for a lovely dinner for two at home. Light some candles and surprise your man when he gets home from work.

Make the plates in the kitchen, and serve him as he sits down.

#3) Action Movie Night?

Why not? Spoil your man this Valentine’s Day by renting his favorite action movies. Get that popcorn popping! You can even surprise him by prepping him for a romantic comedy night.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, tell him that you all want to do is snuggle up on the couch with him and watch romantic comedies.

Pick out three of the cheesiest, ooey gooey love stories you can think of. When he shows up, and you have the action movies for him, he won’t believe his eyes!

#4) Massage for Two

If you’ve booked a romantic getaway for Valentine’s Day weekend, make a call to the hotel. Ask them what kind of amenities they offer guests. Book a romantic massage for two to help the two of you relax.

Even if you aren’t leaving town, many spas have nice couples’ packages for massages. Not only will this be a great experience to have with your partner, it will also be a nice pampering—you deserve it!

As always, if money is what is stopping you, never fear! Check out the very low pricing of massage oils and scented candles online.

Most of these items are relatively inexpensive, and you can set up your own spa at home. He can give you a massage, and then you can give him one.

Giving each other massages will help you get in the romantic mood.

#5) Take it the Whole Nine Yards

Go all out for your man this year. Go ahead, you have all day! Did I mention that Valentine’s Day is on a Saturday this year? After setting up the four suggestions above, go out and buy a sexy outfit for him (and you).

Rose petals on the bed and in the bathtub screams Valentine’s Day! Put a little twist on this romantic gesture by adding a platter of fresh fruits and warm honey. Dip the fruit in honey and feed each other on a bed of rose petals.

Buy or make dinner. Spoil him! He deserves it, because he spoils the heck out of you throughout the year.

This Valentine’s Day, put a little twist on the old favorites. Take tradition a step further by taking him out to dinner. Get out or town for a while, or enjoy a nice staycation. Set up a nice couple’s massage to help you get in the mood. What are some of the ways you can put a twist on the quintessential Valentine’s Day activities?


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