Thursday 29 January 2015


You’ve been together for a while. You had such a good run, but now things seem to be cooling down in the bedroom. Most of the time, this is no cause for alarm. As a matter of fact, when couples are together long enough they create patterns and comfort zones with one another.

If your routine seems to be getting a little stale, don’t think that it is a decline in the relationship. Sometimes, a few minor tweaks can really boost the steaminess of your lovemaking.

Just because thinks seem to be slowing down in the bedroom, doesn’t mean you can’t turn up the heat. Check out these five ways to change your lovemaking just lightly to create some new sparks.

#1) Leg Lifts

Sometimes small changes make certain sexual positions more intense. For example, any position in which the two of you are facing each other can be intensified by simply lifting your legs over his shoulders.

This is a great way to reposition your body, and it will give you more pleasure. As the sexual experience progresses, bring one leg down. Next, switch legs.

This will give you the feeling that you’re doing several different techniques during lovemaking, but the truth is, you’re changing things up quite a bit by simply moving your limbs.

#2) Spin

Again, in any position you are facing your man, a great little tweak is to turn your hips to one side or the other. When he comes in at an angle, sparks will fly.

He will love it too, because he will have a great view of your rear.

Another variation of this is to turn your entire body to one side and pull your knees to your chest. Men generally love this position, because they can use your hips as leverage.

#3) Give Him Guidance

Okay, ladies, let’s be straight here. Every once in a while our men get really close to giving us ultimate pleasure… if only he would move an inch to the left. Of course, we are often pleased by what he is doing, so we don’t really say anything to correct him when this happens.

Don’t be afraid to give him a little direction during your lovemaking. Let him know what is pleasing you, and definitely let him know when he has hit that spot.

Now, there are men out there who may see this direction giving as an offense against their manhood. This is why it is so important to give him these directions in the moment. To ensure you don’t hurt his ego, use a sensual dirty talk tone to help you and him stay in the mood and the moment.

Giving your man a little direction in bed will enhance your lovemaking, and help you reach your climax.

#4) Introduce Toys

I cannot stress enough how much erotic toys can help bring the spark back to a relationship and pump up the dull routine your sex life has become. If you are turned off by the thought of sex toys, you may be a little misguided as to what products are available.

A co-worker of mine once said, “My sex life is fine! I don’t need that stuff!” Eventually, I convinced her to try on with her boyfriend. She came to work the next day floating on air. No matter what was said, the smile seemed to be tattooed on her face.

Trust me, ladies; sex toys are no sign that your man is boring and in no way are you “too difficult” to please. They are simply a wonderful way to take your sexual relationship with your man to the next level.

#5) Complete Darkness

So you live in the city. The world is a bright place. The next time you make love, black out the windows and turn all of the lights down. Put a t-shirt over the alarm clock. Make love in complete darkness.

Now, this takes a little bit of patience, and slow movements (you don’t want to bump heads or go in for a kiss and give each other fat lips).

Keep all of your movements slow, and use your sense of touch and sound to help guide you to each other. Take your time as you explore each others bodies with your one of your senses muted.

Taking away one sense will help enhance your other senses. This turns up the volume on lovemaking, as you strictly feel and hear one another.

Listening to each others breath in the darkness can be more erotic than seeing each other in the nude.


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