Friday 30 January 2015

Whether you store your glassware up or down might be a habit you picked up from your mom, or simply a response to the fit of your cabinetry. But it's also an issue potentially on par with household squabbles like "the great toilet paper-hanging debate." Is there really a better way to do it?
Team UpStoring glasses rim up seems natural, since that's how we drink out of them. Plus, this way, no lingering moisture from dishwashing can get trapped inside, like it might if you placed glasses upside down.
Team DownThose who flip their glassware often fear dust settling inside. And some find that alternating their glasses (some up, some down) means they can use their cabinet space more efficiently.
The VerdictCarolyn Forte, director of the Cleaning Lab in the Good Housekeeping Institute offers a compelling final word on the issue, especially concerning your pricier, fragile glasses.
"The rim is the most delicate part of the glass, so it's best to store delicate crystal with the rim up, so there's less weight on it," she says. "All other everyday glasses are fine either way. Storing them upside-down likely does keep the inside a bit cleaner, but if you use and wash them regularly, dust won't really accumulate. And if you dry the inside well, moisture won't get trapped. I've never seen mildew on glasses."
You might also consider hanging stemware upside-down on a handy rack, but consider the increased risk (however slight) for breakage if they fall. And hanging them in the open around kids or curious pets might just be asking for a floor full of sharp shards.


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