Wednesday 15 April 2015

A step by step visual guide for a flawless manicure


Manicures are tricky, painting the nails that looks as easy just painting isn't as easy as it presents and ladies can attest to this.
Painting the nail especially by oneself requires precision and constant practise. Beauty experts have these step by step guide that absolutely works when followed, check on them as follows:
1. Start off with clean nails making sure the nail surface is oil and nail polish free.
2. Apply the base coat (this protects the nails and makes sure they are not stained) and allow to dry off.
3. Place a drop of nail polish at the centre of your nail, a bit away from the cuticle-leave just a tiny gap.
4. Push back the drop towards the cuticle leaving a tiny gap.
5. Move the brush upwards making a straight line till you get to the tip of the nail.
6. Go back to the base of the nail and swipe polish along the nail curve.
7. Drag the polish until the whole side of the particular nail is covered
8. Go in again repeating step 6 to fill the other side of the nail.
9. Also repeat step 7 on the other side of the nail.
10. Apply more than a coat using the same steps if required. Finish with a quick drying top coat.
Voila! Check out the pictorial on the left for a visual guide.


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