Friday 17 April 2015

LeeAnn Dugan


LeeAnn Dugan, a beauty editor for shares her experience getting eyebrow extensions.
Needless to say, with her shaky foundation at eyebrow care, her eyebrows were not at their best.
"For years, I overplucked myself into skinny '90s arches. When a fuller look came into fashion, I continued to overpluck, because that is the only way I knew, only to repent with a thousand tiny strokes of my Dior Brow Styler."
"When i was offered the chance to get eyebrow extensions, I jumped at it, despite the fact that I had no idea what an eyebrow extension was."
"Wink, a small, bright salon that opened in the West Village in March 2014 and offers a full menu of lash and brow-perfecting treatments, from threading and tinting to extensions."
"Umbreen, the CEO, turned me over to my "Brow Bar Artisan" Temzin, who started with a quick threading. I was shocked to discover this did not hurt at all."
"Umbreen explained that the salon uses a proprietary silk thread to ensure painless removal. It made me feel fancy knowing that somewhere, there were silkworms dedicated to helping me achieve my dream brows."
"Temzin then applied a custom-mixed, vegetable-based dye to my brows, a process I admit I was a bit skeptical about. But, despite the dye's application lending me a certain Bert-like air, I became a believer once it was wiped away."
"Between the threading and tinting, I already had expertly shaped, surprisingly fuller looking brows. The brow shape and tint together took about 20 minutes."
"Her tools were a two-inch strip to which hundreds of tiny, synthetic hairs were attached (they come in hundreds of different shades and lengths to match your natural brow hair), a white plastic ring filled with a skin-safe glue, and a pair of tweezers."
"She carefully peeled off one hair at a time, dipped exactly one-10th of it into the glue, and applied each one either to my existing brow hair, or to my bare skin, stopping to check the shape every so often."
'A complete set of brand-new brows like I received costs $250 and can take up to two hours, but less extensive fill-ins take less time and range from $40 to $185".

"When I finally sat up in my seat and regarded the finished product, the finished result was impressive."
"I had the perfect shape, Brooke Shields-worthy fullness, and my face felt defined as it never had before. It occurred to me that someone like me — with a fuller face — needs full brows to match.
"You can't see the glue at all, or detect a difference between the synthetic and natural hairs."
She says aftercare was simple: "Leave your brows be (no water or scrubbing) for 24 hours while the glue fully sets."
"For the first two days, I treated my brows like two little Gizmos, convinced any water would mean immediate disaster".
"When I finally broke down and washed my face like a normal person, I was pleased to see it didn't affect my extensions".
"It's now two weeks later, and I'm pretty impressed with how long this has lasted. Extensions are meant to gradually shed or fall out on their own, and generally last about three weeks before you need a refill."
"As expected, my brows are beginning to look a bit less full, but I just fill in with a powder, and it doesn't take much to boost me back to that full-browed goddess look".

"While extensions are most certainly a #treatyoself situation, I've become 100% convinced that, for special occasions or if your look really needs a boost, it pays to put yourself in the hands of a professional."
View photos of LeeAnn Dugan before, during and after the eyebrow extensions in gallery.


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