Friday 17 April 2015

Couple In Love


Non- sexual touches build better relationships and it makes your partner feel more loved.
Subtle, friendly touching is seen as a sign of trust. It has been proven to reduce anxiety, and they bring two lovers closer and helps them bond better.
1. Kiss on the forehead. A kiss on the forehead is a perfect way to show your affection.
2. Stroke their hair. When you run your hand through their hair, it shows them that they are loved and appreciated.
3. Dance together. Dancing together is the fastest form of building intimacy in a relationship. Especially when it is a song that you both love.
4. A hug. A loving gentle hug, can communicate more than a million words. It melts every resentment in your partner.
5. Massage and rubs. A massage always feels good. It reduces stress.
6. Hold hands. Holding hands signify unity, oneness. It communicates to your partner, that you are in the relationship for the long haul.


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