Friday 17 April 2015

A happy couple


Technology is good, but you know what they say about having too much of a good thing.
As much as technology has helped saved many relationships, it has also caused the breakup of a significant number of relationships too.
Your relationship won't thrive if technology keeps getting in the middle of your intimacy, so drop that phone and talk to your partner the next time you are together.
Alison Bryant of All Women Stalk lists 6 ways you could be growing apart from your partner as a result of technology:
Oversharing: It's become very common for people to overshare on social media, and post far too many intimate details of their lives. Consider how your partner feels about that. They might not be too happy if you're telling your friends and the world at large about things that they'd rather were kept private …
Online friends: Some people think that talking intimately to someone online isn't cheating, because you're not physically with them. I don't agree. If you have friends online that you're a bit too friendly with, it's going to affect your relationship. Flirting with anyone else online isn't acceptable, so don't cross the line or allow anyone else to do so.
Sleep:  Are you having trouble sleeping? Many people now are finding that they're spending so much time on their phones and other devices that it affects their sleep patterns. They can't resist checking their phone before going to sleep, or looking at it whenever it bleeps. This has a negative effect because of the light that devices emit. Don't use your phone or tablet within at least 30 minutes of going to bed.
Gaming: If one of you is into gaming, you could be spending a lot of #time playing on your Xbox or Playstation. Perhaps this isn't such a problem if you're both gamers, as you can play together (but don't be too competitive!). But if one of you isn't so keen, you could feel neglected as your partner spends hours playing games.
Feeling neglected:  We've become so hooked on using technology that it's a part of our daily lives. It's hard to imagine even a day without it. But tech can lead us to waste far too much time on unimportant things, while neglecting what really matters. Your partner could be resentful that you'd rather spend time looking at your phone than give them your full attention.
Misunderstandings: The nature of online communications is such that it's very easy to misunderstand someone's meaning. A message can be misunderstood and cause offence when none was intended. So there is a risk that one of you will be upset at something the other says because you don't realise they mean it as a joke.


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