Wednesday 15 April 2015

Reaction to body odour


Body odour is a very common form of embarrassment for all ages and both sexes, so, luckily for everybody, a group of scientists have conducted pioneering research into the science of body odour, a first step towards putting an end to this unfortunately common embarrassment.
According to independent, researchers at the University of York have made new genetic discovery regarding the Staphylococcus hominis, pinpointing the bacteria as the main offender in making armpits pungent by breaking down naturally secreted sweat molecules.
This genetic study found out that the bacteria inhabit the temperate climates of our underarm microbiome and that there are more of them in our armpits alone than there are humans living on the planet.
What actually smells are thioalcholols, an organosulphur compound that the bacteria produce from ingesting our sweat.
This sounds scary but hopefully these researchers will soon find a solution, now that they know the cause.


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