Friday 17 April 2015



We all have one couple that posts nonstop on social media especially on Facebook and Instagram about how perfect their lives with each other are.
Sometimes we would just want to believe that its just a major show-off from these annoying couples, but according to SheKnows, scientific research has actually proved that these people really have blissful relationships - in other words they are truly happy.
But not minding the scientific fact, they are still downright annoying flooding our timelines with messages and photos and some go ahead to tag us in them.
Ally Hirschlag of SheKnows explains the top 6 types of annoying relationships on social media.
  1. The creative kissers: Those couples who always post shots of themselves kissing in either interesting ways (i.e., doing yoga poses) or in exciting places (i.e., Costa Rica). Either way, they're bragging about more than just love here — they're also throwing things like natural ability and means to travel to exotic places at you. Thanks, guys. If your wedding's in Bali, I'm not coming.
  2. The fancy foodies: Not only are they blissfully happy eating at the restaurant of the week — they want us all to see just what beautiful and delicious food we're missing! The tagline under the perfectly Instagrammed dish is always something like, "Date night with the bae at our new favorite restaurant! Prosecco and oysters!" Yuck.
  3. The Oscar thank-you speeches: These are those little "I did it, and I couldn't have done it without my rock" speeches you see on Facebook. It's that status where someone had a particularly awesome day and wanted to make it seem like it wouldn't have happened if they didn't have their SO in their life. Then they just drown in a Game of Thrones-themed love puddle of their own making. Me, I just like to thank the Academy and get the heck off the stage.
  4. The gift givers: You know who they are. They're the ones always giving gifts to each other on any ol' day just because. But they can't leave it at that. They must post a picture on Facebook to show everyone just how awesome either they are for giving said gift or, on the other end, how awesome their SO is for giving them that gift. All I have to say is, flowers on a Tuesday and it's not my birthday? Something's been broken, injured or cheated on.
  5. The #blessed's: Every update is about how their SO has not only made their lives better but made them better people. Oh, and also, each day is filled with small acts of affection that just make life that much more wonderful. Example: "I came home to find the trash had been taken out and all the poop had been scooped from the cat box. I have the best hubby ever!" #blessed #catpoopisgross.
  6. The engagement/wedding brag: These seem to be particularly plentiful and ongoing this month for some reason. From pics of couples at weddings, to months/days/hours countdowns, to those couples' own weddings, to "creative" engagement photos, once you hit your mid-20s, you will never escape the marriage-inclined couples. I honestly didn't think it was possible to see as many Beyoncé-inspired engagement announcements in one lifetime as I have.


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