Tuesday 14 April 2015

Couple in love.

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You got married to the man/woman of your dreams, then somewhere along the line the attraction starts to wane off maybe because your partner has added a few extra pounds, or doesn't dress as sexy as they used to and other factors.
Maybe your partner still has the same toned body and still dresses sexy but certain high expectations weren't fulfilled and time is slowly passing you both by.
What do you do about it instead of worrying and seeking other sources of comfort?
Lisa Fogarty of SheKnows lists six ways to deal attraction is slowly dying out in your marriage
  1. Don't let our "youth-obsessed" culture rob you of pleasure: "Don't get unrealistically focused on appearances. Growing old together means we will eventually show our age. Focus on how you feel about your partner, not on baldness, weight issues or lack of performance ability. You can happily have sex with each other into your dotage, if you learn to accept the changes that come with age."
  2. Go away: No, not forever! Tessina says: "Intimacy is only possible when there is also sufficient personal space. Allow a little distance, regularly. 'How can I miss you if you don't go away?' is a humorous way to put it. You need some separate activities, friends and interests to keep your desire for each other fresh."
  3. Act like a girlfriend instead of a wife: "When you're married and living together, it is too easy to let romance slide. Don't forget to bring home flowers, send cards, create or buy silly little gifts for each other. Write poetry, silly notes, or songs, clip a magazine cartoon, or simply speak the positive things you feel."
  4. Don't let your expectations get out of line: "Fun and intimacy do not depend on spending money or going to extremes; they don't depend on a particular setting or activity, and they don't have to take a lot of time. Through play we reconnect with our hearts, our childlike selves and the intuitive, spontaneous responses that lead to sexual connections." Got that? Let's all break out our Scrabble boards tonight and pop open a bottle of wine.
  5. Get your mind off of yourself: "The most powerful thing you can do to keep a marriage strong is form a partnership, a team, where both parties feel respected, cared about and needed. If you really want to restore the marriage, begin not by complaining about your needs that aren't being met, but by focusing on your mate's needs. Once your good connection is restored, you can begin to work out the issues."
  6. Have "flexible" sex: I'm not talking about the kind of sex where you lift your feet over your head (though, if you can do that, too, more power to you both). Tessina encourages couples to open their minds to a variety of sex options in order to keep their relationships hot.


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