Thursday 16 April 2015



Paranoia could be very harmful to your relationship but sometimes it is way better to be paranoid than be careless in a relationship.
Sadly, not everyone who claims to be your friend has your best interest at heart, especially towards your relationship.
Some girlfriends may just be lurking around the corner to take your man right from under your nose, not minding the friendship you shared over the years.
It becomes unfortunate if you suddenly become stuck with such a person, which is why you should learn to look over your shoulder for any unnecessary drama and pray your man is as loyal as he claims to be.
Tanvier Peart from  Madame Noire lists signs to look out for if you suspect your friend is interested in your man.
  1. She can't help but give him special attention: Some friends are close to their pal’s significant other, and that’s okay–as long as you’re cool with it. You may want to pay attention to how much TLC your friend tries to give to your guy. Consider it a warning sign if she can’t help but always hang off of his arm and goes to great lengths to get his attention.
  2. Always needs to physically flirt/touch: Pastor always said, “Don’t call cute what will get you killed.” While it’s understandable that some folks love physical contact and attention, that doesn’t mean your man becomes the ATM of intimacy. Did we not learn from Apollo and Kenya?
  3. Gives you a verbal warning: “Honey, you better hold onto your man before I take him for myself.” Heeding a warning does not mean you can’t take a joke, but there is nothing funny about a friend letting you know that they have an interest in your man. At some point you need to weigh how many times you can hear “I want your man” before you have to call that friend out for being disrespectful.
  4. Tries desperately to get alone time: Now this one should really be a red flag. After all, why does your friend need to spend alone time with your man? Unless she’s helping him look for your engagement ring, it’s okay to side-eye requests for one-on-one lunches and other engagements that don’t involve you.
  5. Will blow you off...unless you're with him: Isn’t it funny how your friend is always busy or cancels on outings that involve the two of you, but will clear her schedule whenever you’re with your guy and invite her somewhere? This may not be an issue for you if your man is really funny or the life of the party, but take a mental note if your dates turn into a threesome with this particular friend.
  6. Loves sharing "wild" stories: Certain topics should be kept between girlfriends and not mixed company. Some women with no shame aren’t afraid to discuss their sexual prowess and tricks for the sake of getting attention. If your gal is always bringing up what she can do in the bed in front of your guy, cut that conversation short.
  7. Defends him to no end:  Now, before you go off the deep end, do make sure that you’re not truly being mean to your man. One can only hope that you have people in your camp who will give it to you straight. However, look out for that friend who’s always coming to your man’s rescue. Obviously everything he does can’t be perfect, so why is she so pressed to treat him like an unblemished savior?
  8. Constantly texts him: It’s pretty bad when your man is asking you why your friend is always texting him. While you shouldn’t search through your guy’s phone (there is a thing called trust…), that doesn’t give your “friend” the right to text him around the clock. If she’s that desperate to phone a friend, she should be hitting up your phone.
  9. “Jokingly” throws shade at you around him:  In a world full of haters and those who don’t wish you well, who knew you had to watch out for the very people you call friend? If your friend is constantly criticizing you in front of your man, you need to nip that in the bud.
  10. Drops subtle hints: Body language is a very powerful thing. Sometimes people don’t need to open their mouths to reveal their true intentions. Keep your eyes open for supposed friends who always feel the need to dress extra nice–or revealing–in front of your guy. And let’s not forget those who have no problem sending “subliminal” messages.


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