Thursday 16 April 2015

Couple in bed


It is painful when a loved one cheats on you. The world seems to slow down everything else fades away.
For women, the thought of how much they have invested and the deceit races through their minds.
Here are some things that could further push your man away.
1. Investigating about the other woman: The truth hurts sometimes. Just avoid the stress and focus on winning your man back.
2. Insulting your husband: You will eventually give him a reason to make up his mind.
3. Insulting the woman: By doing this, you are just giving her the spotlight she does not deserve.
4. Asking him to choose between you and the other woman:Your husband really wants to be with you. Asking him to choose is a big mistake.
5. Monitoring him like a baby: He will begin to avoid your calls. Men want their privacy sometimes.
6. Fighting the other woman: Don’t act like a tout. People will end up blaming you. You might even get hurt.
7. Leaving your matrimonial home: BIG!! Mistake. He will bring her in.


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