Thursday 16 April 2015

Angry Couple


Domineering guys are very dangerous. They claim to love you, but hurt you in the process.
You can never be fulfilled in a relationship, if you give your heart to such insecure baby boys.
Here is how you should know if your guy is domineering.
1. He always listens in on your conversations: These kind of guys are snoopy. They want to keep tabs on your calls, they check your cell phones always and want to know who you are talking to.
2. Insecure and fidgety when guys are around you: They do not like you having other male friends. This is a deep rooted sign of insecurity, that stems sometimes from sad experiences from their past relationships. They do not trust you when you are with other guys.
3. Always talks you down: They get their kicks when they put you down. They do not want you to have a say or a mind of your own.
4. He dictates and regulates your associations and relationships


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