Friday 17 April 2015

Good nights sleep


On average, how much sleep do you get a night?
Yup, we thought as much. Fact is the uses of a good nights rest can never be underestimated.
Regardless of what Diddy and other celebrities say, you need to get a good night’s rest.
It’s important to your success and how you’re able to function each day.
Here are the tips to make it happen.
Turn of electronic devices
It’s amazing how many times a person can check their Facebook before they go to bed. Try your best to turn off your computer and other electronic devices at an appropriate hour. Another option is to set your phone blocking mode that will disable notification alerts for a set period of time.
Limit television
Now is not the time to start binge-watching your favorite show. If you’re truly serious about getting some shut eye you need to limit the amount of television you watch. Set late night shows to record so you can hit the sheets and recharge your brain for the next business day.
If you really need stimulation, read a book.
Eating late
Aside from your metabolism slowing past a certain hour, it’s generally not a good idea to eat late in the evening. Food in your stomach — or just feeling full — can and will keep you up at night. If possible, try to eat your last meal before 8pm.
Leave work at work
There’s a reason why jobs have business hours. You aren’t suppose to work the entire day. Do yourself and your household a favor by leaving your work for the office. Unless an absolute must, do your best not to bring anything work-related home. Just relax and enjoy your down time.
Let go of worry
What’s the point of worrying about a situation you might not be able to control? Too many people are experiencing restless nights because they can’t shut off their minds from analyzing and over-thinking decisions. If you didn’t figure it out in one day there’s really no point in staying up half the night trying to find an answer.
Watch your naps
Power naps that last 15 to 30 minutes are okay, especially if you feel super tired. Many professionals have no problem using some of their lunch break to watch the back of their eyelids. This however does not mean you should nap longer than a half hour as it can be counterproductive to your nightly sleep endeavors.
Check your environment
Well no wonder you find it hard to sleep at night! Just look at your bedroom. You need to be in a quiet room (or as quiet as possible) that’s dimly lit. Too many distractions like lighting and noise can make it harder to sleep.


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