Wednesday 15 April 2015

Grilled cheese


In light of National Grilled Cheese Day, social networking and dating site Skout conducted a survey of 4,600 users to find out what their sandwich preferences said about them as a person.
If your eyes aren't the windows to your soul, maybe what you put in your stomach could be.
Turns out, your love of grilled cheese actually says a lot you.
Grilled cheese lovers are more charitable, more adventurous, and more likely to travel, and more likely to have sex than their non-grilled-cheese-loving counterparts.
According to the survey, 73 percent of grilled cheese-lovers have sex at least once a month, compared with 63 percent of those who don't care for grilled cheese.
Also, 32 percent of people who love grilled cheese have sex at least six times a month compared to 27 percent who don't care for grilled cheese. 
We're not quite sure why, but  it's definitely something we'll tout to our smug vegan friends and anyone else who cares to listen, if need be! 


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