Friday 17 April 2015



Nobody is created perfect, which is why no relationship is perfect but sometimes are worth saving.
So many factors both important and insignificant can cause you to have issues with a bestfriend or close companion, but you first have to ask yourself if the relationship is worth saving before you try .
If your answer is yes, then you may have to make some adjustments, Tanvier Peart of Madame Noire gives 7 tips on how to restore your relationship back to what it used to be.
  1. Ask what went wrong: Before you make the decision to pick up the phone, it’s a good idea to think about what went wrong. Why are you and your friend no longer on good speaking terms? Did something happen that altered the course of your friendship?
  2. Let go of Pettiness: Why are you still holding on to an argument or situation that happened years ago? Get over it. The time has come to move forward with your life and not be held back by your past.
  3. Find commonalities: Even if a certain amount of time has passed, that doesn’t mean you can’t become close. Try to find commonalities in your life that will draw you together. It could be a hobby or interest in the same type of entertainment.
  4. Don't force your ideals on others: Unless your friend is participating in something illegal or a toxic lifestyle, you might want to be careful how much you try to force others to live the way you do. Just because someone does something differently does not mean they lack home trainin.
  5. Reduce your ego: “If she wants to make this friendship work, she needs to come to me." How can you expect to have room in your life for friends when your ego takes up most of the space?
  6. Take the first step: Someone needs to budge in order to get this ball rolling–and if it happens to be you, don’t think of yourself as being weak for extending the olive branch. Pick up the phone, send an email or shoot over a text message.
  7. Work on staying in touch: All relationships require communication so please make an effort to stay in touch. This doesn’t mean you need to get on the phone with your friend every other day, but do try your best not to let too much time pass you by.


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