Wednesday 15 April 2015



It is probably safe to say that after a certain age, it takes the body twice as long to recover from a hangover than it used unfortunately, luckily for us, the experts tell us why and give solutions.
According to Dr. Soden, this is because our energy levels are significantly depleted as we venture into adulthood.
Fiedman also adds that,"as we get older, our livers produce less antioxidants, and the toxins end up passing through our bodies causing headaches, vomiting and all those other really fun hangover experiences."
Another reason that both experts agree on is that as we get older, the body needs more rest in order for it to be refreshed, so, the hangovers get even worse because "drinking interrupts our sleep by interrupting our ‘REM’ cycle, which can cause us to be really tired the next day."
However, despite all the above reasons, all hope is not lost if you still insist on drinking.
Friedman says the best way to help fight your impending hangover is to eat eggs after drinking as eggs contain cysteine, a sulfur-containing amino acid that helps soak up the remaining toxins left in your system, thereby reducing/stopping the impeding hangover.
He also says to stop drinking well before bedtime, and to drink a lot of water before bed.
Dr. Soden also proffers a solution saying that taking an anti-inflammatory such as Ibuprofen, before you pass out will help make the following day manageable.
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