Wednesday 15 April 2015

Failed marriages


In Nigeria, we are unfortunately obsessed with weddings, forgetting that this is the simple part, the difficult part is what comes after all the wedding buzz.
Most people just rush into marriages for the fun of it, we want to show off at the wedding, be envy of our friends but these are no reasons to get married.
These days, it is even more difficult to get past the big wedding into a successful marriage.
Here are three reasons why marriages do not always work out in this day and age.
  1. Lack of sex- With all technology around us, sex is almost a thing of the past, hence the recent advertisement of Durex urging people to switch off their phones in order to reconnect with their partners. Besides, we all desire physical connection, so how does cutting that off lead you to believe your marriage will be successful? Instead, we have sex once every couple weeks, or when it's time to get pregnant. It becomes this chore. This disinterest/lack of sex is a reason why marriages break up.
  2. Finance mismanagement- These days, the cost of living is considerably higher, especially after most people spend a lot of money on the wedding, this leads to problems in the marriage.
  3. Technology- This is something that should help us if used properly, but because it aids disconnection, it also causes marriages to break up. Let's face it, the last time you "spoke" to the person you love, you didn't even hear their voice. There's no physical connection attached to anything anymore. We've removed human emotion from our relationships, and we've replaced it with colorful bubbles.
All of the above are just some of the reasons why marriages break up in this century.


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