Wednesday 15 April 2015



Everyone has their different weight issues, while some struggle to keep it off, others struggle to keep their desired weight, so, you are not alone in your weight loss struggle.
Therefore, if you, like most people, desire to lose weight,in this case two kg in one week, it is can be done, but only with determination, and consistency if you want to shed the weight and keep it off.
The first thing to do is to follow your arranged workout plan properly. While it is important to have a workout plan, it is even more important to stick to them.
The key to losing the wight and keeping it off permanently is to be consistent. In order to follow through your plan, you have to choose/make a workout plan that works for you, this way you can be consistent.
The next thing is to have a food plan. In order to lose the two kg in one week, you have to adjust your diet, note: we said adjust, not change.
One of the reasons why people are unable to keep the weight off is because they completely change their food plan at once, thereby, they are unable to see it through.
Start stocking your kitchen with the right food, fruits, vegetables, and so on, this way, you have no choice but to eat right.
In order to completely lose two kg in one week and keep it off, you have to take the above into consideration,

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