Wednesday 15 April 2015

Man Sending Resum?


1. Taking a scattergun approach to resume submissions

While "resume bombing" may seem like a good strategy (you're sure to hit something if you apply to lots of openings, right?), it's actually a job search mistake. Not only does this approach waste your time, but you are actually less likely to get an interview request this way. Hiring managers are looking for specific skills, experience and talent in prospective employees. If you click "submit" whenever you come across an ad that you're the slightest bit qualified for, chances are you're not taking the time to tailor your resume to individual openings.

A better job search strategy: Read each job posting carefully, especially the minimum requirements. If you lack one or more of them, don't bother applying, because your application would just go into the circular file. But if you have all the requirements, and the duties and prospective employer excite you, then take the time to customize your cover letter and resume.

2. Playing hardball when negotiating your salary

Naturally you want to be well compensated. But just as you have a minimum amount you'll work for, prospective employers have a salary ceiling. Go into negotiations knowing what you want and what you're worth. The Robert Half "Salary Guides" are great resources for the most recent starting salaries for hundreds of jobs.

While it's OK to negotiate once - and sometimes even twice - on a salary offer, you don't want to push too much. Why? For one, you could be perceived as difficult, and managers don't want problematic employees on their teams. And depending on the industry and whether your skills are in demand, there may be others willing to work for that salary - which means you could lose that job offer. However, if the final package is just too low, it's in your best interest to politely turn it down.


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