Friday 17 April 2015

A couple listening to an iPod

Girls are easy to read. They are just like babies when they are in love. Well, don’t mean the “girl sharks.”
Every lady shows signs when she is in love, and they get frustrated when the guys do not get the “green light.”
Here is how you can know if she is giving you the “green-go light.”
1. When a lady starts sharing some very personal and intimate issues with you, it might be a sign she wants you to make a move.
2. She is comfortable around you: This is a sure sign she wants you to notice that she enjoys your company, and wants to be with you. Once a woman settles down, you know that she is feeling great and does not plan on heading anywhere for the time being.
3. She spends more time with you: When ladies share intimate time with you, guy, wake up. She is into you.
4. Eye contact: If your eyes meet, and she does not look away for long, Gbabeski! She don fall. My man finish the work.
5. Constant contact: A woman is hinting for you to make a move when she keeps in touch with you all the time.


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