Tuesday 14 April 2015

Healthy Tips

culled from:pulse.ng

In a bid to to stay fit and lose weight, people have harmed their health and well being by having irregular eating habits, starving, and gradually sinking into an obsession with weight loss.
Today, we give you five safe and healthy tips in order to promote healthy weight loss.
  1. Avoid sugar- sugar is a huge weight loss deterrent as eating healthy is an important step toward better health and fitness.  Sugar, aside from the fact that it can cause addiction, can lead to cardiac problems, belly fat and cancer. It can also have toxic effects on the liver, so, if you’re serious about your health, you have to cut sugar out of your diet.
  2. Cut out junk- Anything that is refined or processed, for example,soda, is unhealthy and should be avoided. Processed foods also contain large volumes of additives and preservatives, and refined grains are low in vitamins and minerals but high in starch, all which lead to weight gain.
  3. Eat whole foods- Exchange unhealthy options like junk and sugar with whole grains, pulses and millets as these have a profoundly positive influence over our health and fitness. Not only are millets and pulses great sources of minerals, fiber and vitamins, they are also easily absorbed by the body without any of the negative effects associated with heavily processed foods.
  4. Incorporate lots of fruits and vegetables into your diet- Fruits and vegetables are a most if you must lose weight right. They are good for your health, and those with high water content like watermelon, and so on, are also a good option to lose weight.
  5. Be realistic- The reason why people cut corners and end up hurting themselves is because they are not realistic. In order to lose weight the right, healthy way, you have to be realistic and realize that just as you did not gain weight in one day, you can not lose weight, without harming yourself, in one day. Therefore, don’t expect overnight changes, and be prepared to ride the bad days that come between the good ones.
Basically, it is important to remember that each individual’s body is different, and understanding what’s right for your body is important.
What’s more is once you get into a weight-loss or fitness regimen, dedication is the key to success, commit to stick to your practice and routine so you can truly reap the benefits.


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