Wednesday 15 April 2015



For those of you who think the body has a bigger role in causing pleasure/orgasm, you are wrong.
The brain is actually the powerhouse of all things pleasure, one could even go as far as saying that the orgasm both begins and ends in the brain.
Having an orgasm is literally a far more powerful experience cerebrally than it is physically because it makes us lose ourselves, eliminating both fear and anxiety, while leading to a trance-like state.
It also causes our minds to shut down while simultaneously increasing blood flow in every part of it.
Apart from the above reactions of the brain, the brain can also take a more proactive role as there is even evidence that some people can orgasm just through thinking meaning that the brain alone can produce an orgasm without physical stimulation.
All of the above go to show that while you certainly need a penis or vagina to have sex, without the brain, you could never achieve orgasm.
Let us know what you think and if you agree, please share your reasons.


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