Wednesday 15 April 2015

Couple on a date


So it's hours, minutes even, away from a date, and for those few minutes we go stir crazy with thoughts of What should I wear? Do I look appropriate? Am I setting myself up for disaster or success?
Although guys go through this same 5 minute stir craziness, it still doesn't even the playing field and for a woman, one of the surest ways to sabotage a date is by failing in the beauty department.
So here are the biggest blunders to avoid on a date night.
Never wear your hair in a bun
No, we're not saying you're forbidden to get an impressive updo, but when going on a date, no guy wants to think his lady rolled out of bed, tossed her hair up in a bun, and ran straight for the door.
Never wear too much make up
It's a golden rule: don't glob mountains of makeup on your precious face. Not only does it look rather cheap, but it can also make your intentions appear forceful.
Even more, avoid too much eye makeup
A delicate, slightly smoky eye is all well and good but caking on the mascara and eye shadow are key signs you either trying to emulate one of the Kardashians or have trouble distinguishing between a tender date night and a night out at the club with your girls.
Avoid excessive perfume
Suffocating in scent is not preferable for anyone. We know that new fragrance you picked up is so fresh, but go light; a small whiff of it will only make us want to get closer if all goes well.
Plus you don't want him thinking you are trying to drown out body odour right?
No work clothes on a date
For many men, career-oriented women are a for-sure turn-on. And power suits and pencil skirts are undeniably sexy when worn appropriately.
This doesn't mean guys don't appreciate their date taking a bit of time to put herself together before going out. Stop at home. Change. It's worth it to fix any makeup smudges or swap the sweater for a silky top.
Beware of bad breath
Bad breath is a simple mistake that can have disastrous results. Always remember just how far some mouthwash and mints can go.
You'll be sitting awfully close to your date all night, and foul breath is the easiest way to ruin an otherwise splendid evening.
Heavy foundation, No!
Guys prefer a girl to look natural. It's a major turn-on when your lady seemingly has to exude little effort to look beautiful.
To this end, stay away from heaving on the foundation. Slight skin blemishes are a part of life; no need to hide.
Heavy lip stick
Bold lipstick colors can be sexy and fun, but going too heavy on the lipstick gives off the appearance of being "too done up."
Go for the more natural-looking lipstick or gloss. Plus, that way if you plant a kiss at the end of the night, it won't leave a mark!


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