Friday 17 April 2015

Couples Apart


Breaking up a relationship is the hard. It is even harder when you love the person.
 No-one goes into a relationship with the intention of making it end abruptly. My dear, you are the one that wears the shoes, and you know where it pinches.
Sometimes in life, you have to take the hard decision to move on and call it quits. Like the saying goes: “A broken relationship is better than a broken marriage.”
1. Know why you are breaking up with him or her: As they will say, “when you know purpose, you become focused.” Be clear on the reasons you want to call it quits. If need be, itemise and memorise it.
2. Talk to the person: Call the person and talk face to face with him or her. Let him or her know that based on your reasons, you think the relationship should end.
3. Cut every emotional ties: Take away pictures, memoirs etc. that will remind you of him ore her. If possible, do not answer their calls for a while.
4. Close doors gently: Do not throw accusations or insult people. Just talk to him ore her respectfully, and let them know it is over.
5. Be firm: Sometimes our sentiments drag us back to our vomit. Before you take the decision, you have to psyche yourself up, prepare yourself for any case scenario. Guard yourself from any form of emotional blackmail.
6. Avoid dating anyone for a while.


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